Drink coffee AND help children in Africa!


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Jul 9, 2009
Kicks4Kenya is an organization that collects and distributes used soccer equipment for children in Kenya. On December 18th we are going to be taking a group to Kenya to rebuild a run down soccer field for a school in the largest slum in the world, Kibera. The cost of this project is going to be about $5,000 so to help offset this cost we have teamed up with CoffeeXPerts.com to sell coffee! We are selling coffee in 1 and 2 pound bags through their website and they are donating $6/bag back to our field building project! This looks like a great place to get some help and support for our field! So please please drink your favorite beverage and help us, help them!! Just click on the link below, order a couple bags, and enjoy! Thanks for the time!