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Jul 1, 2006
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From The Novel SLAM! BOOM! CRASH!
By Wolf Larsen

The World! The World! The World! Cities teeming with life, overflowing swelling surging flooding bristling abounding rippling overwhelming deluge of humanity in a wooooorld of cities cities CITIES(!) thatgreatestofcities Calcutta! Calcutta is endless satiated streaming pouring splashing flood of humanity, torrential deluge of humanity, superfluous gushing flowing bursting of humanity, down and up and through the city streets and across the world to the pushing shoving get the fuck out of my way(!) of humanity in New York people in and out of subways disgorging and devouring peoplepeoplepeo-ple and the boombaboombaboombaboombaboomba ofa dozendozen men beatbeat-ing the drums beatbeat-ing the drums booming booming booming off the walls booming booming booming off the walls of surrounding crumbling colonial edifices in CiudadedeBahiaBrasil and the fashiondistrict of Paris where whores ooooze from the buildings overflooooow-ingfromthealleyways unto the sidewalks and the streets crowding smiling coquetting parading about in their exquisitelyfinelylacednegligie Paris the unquestionably connoisseur’s whore to the comforts of the Anchorage Correctional Center which is as luxurious as any prison anywhere to the litupneonsigns of nightlifeManila stretching across the bay lightgreenorangeflourescentblueredlights beckoningBECKON-ing outinto the teemingtropicaloverflowingmegametropolis to the endless onslaught of people cafes bars bistros clubs cars and more people on the copacabana the nightbeaches spreadingOUT(!) into the ceaselessly overflowingcrowds of whores and streetchildren and poorblacksuburbioslumdwellers and middleclasshighrisewhites and a mixedblackwhiteindianmajority notgivingafuck rivers of humanity spreadingOUT(!) into the lituptropicalnight to the billboardedplasteredover decayeddecripidcrumblingforgotten Baroque Rococo buildings of center Lima and the zigzagging curving circling jamnedcrowded ofpeople streetalleyways of Kathmandu bicycles streetpeddlers rickshaws cows travelers runningrunningchildren sweatinglaborerscargoingheavyloadsheavyontheirbacks all inch-ing along through daylong trafficjams (no cars) of peoplepeoplepeo-ple endless onslaught of peoplepeoplepeople rivers seas oceans of humanity to HongKong waaailingsirenshowlinghonkinghornsrattlerattlingjackhammersandrushrushquicklyquicklysatietedsidewalksofChineseEuropeanpedestriansspillingoutintotrafficjammedstreetsnoisesconstantbarrageofChineseenglishchatter and overheadnearskydensewithsignssignssigns this constantbarrageofimagessightssounds in these deepconcretevalleysinbetweentoweringmountainsofglassandsteel throughwhichgo Vooomingbuses clangingclangingstreetcars to the streets of Bombay “assaulting your senses” it’s endless allaroundyou engulfingyou swallowingyou in this allconsumingroaringincessantmadness of noise pollution people automobiles buses rickshaws machineshops-spreading-out-into-the-streets-sparks-flying buildingsstreetsbusesdisgorgingendlessendlesspouringdenseseasofhumanity outhereonthestreet walkingsleepingstandingeatingbeggingtalkingdrinkingteaworking peoplepeople allaroundyou behindyouinfrontofyouonbothsides wallsofmovingmovinghumanity to the thousands thousands thousands look at all the Chinese! of peoplepeo-ple insisdeoutsidesurrondingcrowdingaround the majorcitytrainstations of China look at all the Chinese! oldoldpeople babies mommies young men middleaged men teenagers young women laborers and clerks and peasants endless armies of peasants besieging the cities hangingout atthetrainstations awaiting opportunity peasantspeasants standing sitting talking pissing shitting smoking eating daydreaming talkingshouting running after running toddlers people sleeping right there in the middle of the floor as hundreds hundreds thousands thousands chinese chinese chinese chinese walking-by allthishumanity allthepeasantry burstingthroughtheseams of immensetrainstation to the tens of thousands of constructionboom!boom!sites spreading across the cities of China tearing ripping down entire whole city blocks and the building building up of block upon block of highrises highrises highrises rising across the cities construction crews working around the clock cities echoing with the boom! boom! boom! CRASH! of wrecking balls and the BAM! BAM! BAM! of sledgehammers andthe rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of industrialmachinery andthe creeks and roars of bulldozers allday and allnightlong to the indoorpublicmarketplaces in Comayaguela Honduras spreading out over whole areas of citybloc after citybloc with their dimlited crowdediness of stall after stall after stall crammed between narrow passageways peopled shouldar to shouldar browsing through overfilledovereverywhere stalls and quick(!) sit at an emptyspot of a longwoodenbench with a dozen other people served a steaminghotdish from a bigblackpot of whatever that is go ahead and dig in(!) to the informalmarkets grabbingeverylittlesparelittlespace along crowdedsidestreets in urbanChina where everyeatableimaginable live turtles eels and every kinds of living creature waiting patiently to be slaughtered and eaten chickens grabbed from the coup defeathered still alive bleed still alive dying and finally chop! off the head while the other chickens casually watch just like humans to the crisscrossing pedestrian walkways of central Santiago people thousandsthousandspeople swallowedup bybuildings subways stores buses restaurants bars workplaces disgorging more thousandsthousands to the roamingzooingzippingroaringfastfastfrantic of lowercity Napoli streets sidewalks crowded crowded frantic southernlivelyitalians walkingimpatiently drivingchaotically pouring through the streets cars streetbikes upwrongwaystreets downsidewalks and the dark alleywaylike streets of the uppercity where dripping wet sheets and socks and shirts and stockings but no panties hang across lines fastened above across between dilapidated crumbling buildings pushing up into these surrounding mountains to the chaaaaaaantchantingchaaaaaaaantchantingchaaaaaaaaantchanting bells beeeeeeeeellbellsbeeeeeeeeellbellsbeeeeeeeeeeeellbells riiiiiiiiiiiingingringingriiiiiiiiiingingringingriiiiiiiiiiiiiingingringing of a funeral on the River Ganges BanaresIndia to the sight of an oldman in Kathmandu carrying an entire bigfullsizedrefrigerator onhisback walking down the road to a youngman on a crabboat leaving the islandport of DutchHarborAlaska lookingup at all the surrondingvolcanicmountains lookingbehind atallthe gatheredgroups of longlinersdraggerscrabbers tiedup tothe canarydocks grabbing one last look at it all because he knows it might be the last time he ever sees land to the bigmudlot outside GuatemalaCity that serves as a bustation with its endless coming and going herds of converted nearlybrokendown schoolbuses driving around in massive senseless circles of chaotic confusion to the hordes of prostitutes in Calcutta on certainsidestreets and alleyways above about in the surrondingbuildings smiling meekly draped in the finest of saris and tease of leg stockings but the whores on the avenues spit in the street and leer vulgarly while indifferently picking their teeth and scratching their enormous sweating stomachs to the suburbios of RecifeBrasil where dirtroads with opensewagecanals lined by smallsmallonetworoomshacks of wood norunningwater notoilets and this is how most of the world’s humanity lives.

Copyright 2004 by Wolf Larsen

I wrote SLAM! BOOM! CRASH! while living in the Bahia region of Brazil. The work is heavily influenced by the Afro-Brazilian music of that region. One college professor told me, “That’s wilder than a Nabokov novel!” and that’s how my web page got its name. If you would like to read more of SLAM! BOOM! CRASH! you may click on
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