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Feb 28, 2012
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Hi Rose-yes I'm definitely planning on including this item on my website- it brews really quickly and makes a great quality coffee! Avg price is $150-$170 online. The main thing though that I focus on is customer reviews and this had mostly positive ones. Denny-glad it worked out with your Krups machine. I know others also have concerns about keeping the machine on all day, however, after you are done brewing for the day, you can unplug the coffee maker, but then you are looking at a 15 minute wait for the tank to reheat before you can brew. So if time is not a problem then this would still be a good option...


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Jun 8, 2007
Amherst, MA.
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2 nice auto drip brewers with proper brew temp are the BV1800 by Bonavita and the new Brazen by Behmor

The "Clever Dripper" about $15. is a nice simple immersion brewer that brews up to 16oz serving. Bonavita is about to come out with a "Clever Dripper style brewer in ceramic for about $30. These will give you a similar brew to a french press but with better filtering, cleaner cup.



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Mar 30, 2014
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Bonavita BV1800 8cups


It can brew up to 8 cups and you have the choice between the glass or thermal carafe. I think the power of this machine comes from the German manufacturer with high performance and standard, it can adjust water and temperature this is very smart option, and the ideal temperature can be achieved very fast 1800w there are more others options for this machine.


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Aug 15, 2005
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Awhile back I was in the market for a drip machine to brew black tea for home use. Did lots of research and decided on the BUNN Phase Brew. Seems to have had a few bugs early on, but apparently BUNN worked them out because it's a fantastic unit. Takes 6 mins to circulate/heat up 40 oz (8 cups) of water and has a thermal valve that pops open at 203-204 degrees (actually tested numerous times), which then sends a steady flow over whatever (coffee or tea) is in the basket in 3.5-4 mins. This is easily in the same class as offerings from Bona Vita and Technivorm (proven during SCAA testing) and of course quite a bit cheaper.

Bunn PhaseBrew Coffee Brewer - Black (8 Cup) : Target