Drive Thru Kiosks For Sale in Central Illinois

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Oct 6, 2008
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If you''re considering a drive thru coffee experience with Mountain Mudd Espresso, we have four drive thru kiosks for sale. Three are currently operational and ready for the right mom/pop hands on couple. THIS IS NOT AN INVESTORS GAME...this business model only works for mom/pop operations. These three are currently on the market in Central Illinois a great community where we have laid the foundation for future success.

We also have a kiosk ready to ship to your location, just the structure or fully equipped. You can stay with Mountain Mudd and franchise with their company or debrand and open your own 8 by 8 eight thousand pounds of structural steel kiosk with your own name. Other equipment,parts and supplies are available as well.

This has been a great experience, just extremely costly as an investor. The recast financials show that if you run it yourself and not hire everything done, you can make a nice living. The money we spent hiring people and services is the money in your pocket if you want to run your own!