earthworm and the "Brew-a-cup"


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Aug 13, 2004
York Haven
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50 years of consumption - an acquired taste.

As I am a procrastinator (among other things!), at age 14 or so I used some of Moms horrible reheated coffee which may have been a day old..
Icky and horrible - similar to Castor oil-, but worse ! But the purpose was to keep me awake in order for me to do my several hours of homework and studying - for this the drug was effective.
Never looked back, but it was not long until there was no effect at all.

The Brew-a-cup came into my life, I guess about 30 years ago.
As I am uniquely lazy, I searched high and low for a brewer that was cheap, easy ,and, effective .. The $1.95 plus postage Brew-a-cup filled the bill perfectly. I must have worn out 4 of them !

Line of griping ----Apparently they are no longer manufactured !

Last month,I was using a Black and Decker "One cup at a time" dripper - worked well until it gave up the ghost.
See the gripe line !

Enough for now..
Have another cup of coffee..