ECM Mechanika V Slim Troubles, Overheating?


New member
Apr 17, 2023
Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing some troubles with my ECM Mechanika V Slim at home.
Fires up perfectly fine, brings boiler pressure up to 1.25 bar and after about 30-50 min the boiler pressure slowly goes down to about 0.2. And stays there.
I figured after 4 years of strong use maybe a replacement of the pressurestat was necessary. (So I did that) But that didn't solve the problem. I hear it working and regulating the range nicely and then all of a sudden it stops.

The brewhead feels surprisingly hot after 15 min already.
My current theory is that a safety mechanism kicks in to protect it from overheating and internally shuts off the machine.
Has anyone experienced a similar situation before? I am new to the technical side of the machine and would really appreciate any pointers and ideas.

Thanks so much!