Employee Age to Operate Equipment


New member
Jan 19, 2008
Cocoa Beach, FL
Been open about eight months and my wife would like to hire a teenager. How old does an employee have to be to operate a espresso machine, coffee grinder and dishwasher? Thanks
I think there may be some bylaws to check> for instance I have heard that CA's State laws make it almost impossible for a lever espresso machine to be used there...by anyone! However I agree with Ccafe that essentailly if someone is old enough to legally meet state work rules, there should be no problem with them being taught how to use espresso machines/grinders. They are less dangerous than say opperating a KFC pressurised fat fryer for chicken- where a mistake "can cause death or injury to the opperator" (if my memory of the warning label is correct!) :wink:

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