End Of The Line Cafe, Pensacola, Commune based coffee house


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Mar 16, 2004
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Hello everyone!

EOTL is a commune bassed coffee house. They have musicians and fundraisers constantly to keep the commune going. I was wondering if there were any governmental alternative financing or funding sources that they could tap, to keep the dream alive?

I've seen some late night ad in passing, referring to government grants to start coffee houses, but have no idea if that is a real statement or not. I'd appreciate any and all feedback. The peeps that work there bust their asses to keep it going, often giving funds from their own daytime jobs to keep the doors open. It would be nice to find additional sources of support for them.

Here is EOTL Cafe's website. It's pretty horrid, but they seem to be newbies at the net. Sheesh, they don't even have enough funds to purchase their own domain name and hosting! :)

http://bellsouthpwp.net/b/i/bigredcanuc ... index2.htm

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