Endorsing a coffee in your shop


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Jul 28, 2005
Pacific Northwest
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How does this work? I'm in the process of buying a coffee shop, and the beans they use, Torrefazzione, are just awful. I've grown very partial to Peets Major Dickasons blend.

If I use their coffies exclusively, and advertise it with a sign in my shop, am I just being a sweet guy by giving them free advertising? Would they at least be inclined to give me the sign if not a modest wholesale discount?

How does this whole thing work?

I'm not sure how they run their wholesale program, but you may not be able to exclusively carry their coffee. They have shops of their own, so it may be a conflict of interest. You should contact them and see what they say.
Sample from other roasters and find one you enjoy. The smaller companies are more inclined to work with you closely. You may even be able to have a custom blend of your own. Major Habilus Blend!
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