Espresso and Coffee Maker Combination Machines


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Jan 2, 2006
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I have limited space on my kitchen counter and was thinking about getting an espresso/coffee maker combined machine. Does anyone know the name of any good combination machines? If not, what are the best espresso machines for around $200? Drip coffee machines for $100 or less?
I'm Glad You Asked!!!

I was looking for the same thing about 6 months ago. There are several made by Krups, Briel and DeLonghi, but unless you spend $300 or more (new price) the quality isn't that great. Most machines like the Delonghi Figaro and the cheaper ones from other companies are OK, but incorporate steam driven espresso machines, which aren't that great. I really lucked up on what I found. Back in August I was bidding on a Figaro on eBay, which are around $150 new. I lost the bid by $1 ($61 winning bid) and was a little aggravated. I did a search on the unit and found out that alot of people don't like it anyway and somebody mentioned a "CapressoBAR 351" being a top notch combination unit. I did a search on it and found 1 on eBay that had 2 hours left on the bidding and it was only 30 mins. from where I live. I ended up winning a $370 (new price) unit for $62 and tax. I drove there and picked it up to save on shipping costs. The unit was in great shape and had all the included accessories, just needed a good cleaning inside and out. Anyway, it's a top notch machine with a programmable pump espresso side and a great 10 cup drip coffee side as well. I've been making 2-3 espresso based drinks a day and I brew tea on the drip side at least once a day and it's working better than any machine I've ever owned. I have seen this same unit on eBay a few times since I bought mine at a great price. If you can find one you won't be disappointed. It's the "CapressoBAR 351". Later!
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Espresso / Coffee Machine Combination

Thank you so much for your help! I will look for that machine. In doing your research, did you come across information in favor of buying the 2 machines separate? What do you think about that?

Thanks again, I really appreciate your reply
Before I bought this machine I had a separate drip maker that I used to brew tea and I had a cheap steam driven espresso machine. I was doing a search on espresso machines and noticed there are 2-in-1 units made. Like I said before, there are cheaper ones that incorporate steam driven espresso units and the more expensive ones use a pump driven unit. The Capresso model that I bought is second to none in this category, but they don't make them new anymore. Krups makes something similar called the "Cafe Centro". DeLonghi makes the "Cafe Nero". Briel makes several units as well. I'm sure any of them will work well for you. Having 2 units built-in doesn't really save much counter space, but it does make things more convenient for me. With one of these machines you can pretty much make any type of hot beverage you'd ever need. If you need any more info let me know. Later! ... presso+Bar