Espresso machine for various uses


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Mar 23, 2004
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Greetings all.

Ok, I'm an espresso newbie- never operated a machine. I would like to purchase a machine to not only learn on, but use at different locations for small gatherings, (after a few months practice of course).

I suppose that my concerns are comparable to a caterer's- durability, ease of tweaking (all that moving you know), deliver shots consistently, etc. I've started looking at Rancilio's S24 and ECM's Giotto Premium, but have just gotten started.

Does the E61 grouphead make a real diff? The S24 doesn't have that grouphead, yet is plenty pricey.

Thanks for sharing.

BTW, I'd really like to stay below $2k for machine and grinder.
(Do not want a superauto)
Multipurpose espresso machines

Wow! I was just about to ask if anyone was aware of a successful espresso beverage catering service and the potential profitability. I recently purchased the Rancilo S-24 and yes, it is quite durable that I cannot lift it! (perhaps it's because I'm a petite 5' 117 woman) None the less, I have had difficulty pulling a decent non-bitter espresso... :( I'm on the hunt for better coffee however. A local supplier said that multiple use of the machines w/regard to transporting, setting up etc. is quite laborous. I am still looking for feedback from members here.