Espresso Shot Mugs?


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Oct 4, 2007
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First and foremost, I ask you to forgive my faux pas in not formerly introducing myself. I am Ed and I have a biscotti bakery in Mass. I searched (and still search) for forums as a source of quality related information. I have yet to find one as warm and inviting as this one.
I now humbly ask if someone could direct me to a wholesale espresso shot mug company where I could purchase a quantity of about 1000 to have printed for marketing purposes. I would greatly appreciate any info on this, and again I would like to express all appropriate apologies. Thank you.
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Espresso shot mugs

Those are some nice cups, but a bit more than I want to afford. I saw some little 3oz "shot mugs" on another website, but the colors they offer are limited to only black or white. I also wouldn't want to incur shipping charges from overseas. Just some little cups I can put my name on and offer to my customers. A good promo could be - a free espresso shot mug to every internet customer who orders during the month of December 2007.
I do like Nuova Point's styles, especially the Trieste models.
Thanks for your help once again.
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espresso shot mugs

Thanks guys. I temporarily changed my avatar to something I found on the net. It's an espresso "shot" mug, no handles like a regular mug. It's like a 3 oz whiskey shot glass, only ceramic for hot coffee, a "shot" of strong coffee. :-D Only, they want like $3 each with the graphics. Too much for me to consider paying right now, for 1000 cups. Anyway, I'll keep looking and hopefully I can find a better color selection too. Thanks again for lookin' out.