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Dec 1, 2006
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Esspresso Machine. I am looking into the simoneli Aurelia, 2 group. I am looking at buying two. Any suggestions as to other makers and the model?


Nov 3, 2004
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I noticed that in recent days you posted that you're just now looking for a location for your business, yet you're already focused on equipment for that location? You may want to hold off on that stage until you have a site and have some expectation of business volume; this is probably not hte place that you should be focusing your time right now.

Ultimately, the selection of equipment has a minimal impact on the overall success of a business; this is an issue that I address in the opening page of our free coffee business guide, the 12 Fundamentals of Coffee Business Success.

Additionally, it's pretty difficult for anyone to make a valid suggestion without further information. Where in the country are you located and is there a selection of technicians nearby? Are there reasons that you are focusing on economy models versus better performing systems? Why 2 2-groups?

You might want to put these issues on the back burner until you are a little further along; much can change while you search for a site.