Etheopian Harrar


You know Man, it wasn't long ago I was so political (still am) that I wouldn't buy a bean from a tolitarian nation. But after I roasted some of those little peaberrys, I wanted to marry one of the Sultan's daughters. They have become my favorite bean and I blend them with other African beans and/or Indonesians. You have to roast them separately because they're so small but who cares. It's worth the effort and maybe the extra buck or two. Glad to hear you're on the right track.

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Ethiopian Coffee is some of the best

Ethiopian Longberry Harrar comes from the birthplace of coffee, how can it not be good after all those years of fine tuning. It also has a great citrus flavor.

Ethiopia though also has the Yirgacheffe as well which should be also mentioned from the Gideo region. It has an outstanding aroma and true favorful balance. These are some of my favorites from TopGourmetCoffee.

We're definately on the same page.

I work occasionally with an engineer from Ethiopia who only drinks tea. I said girl, what's wrong with you?

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