Ethiopian Coffee


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Nov 8, 2007
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A freind of mine at work told me he found this site \"\" and bought a bag of Ethipian coffee. Last week, I decided to stop by the site and with some hesitation ordered a bag. The delivery and packaging was fairly ok. So the next morning I went through my usual morning ritual and decided to open the bag and make couple of cups for me and my wife.

As I opened it, I was fairly surprised how strong the Aroma on this coffee is and was very very pleased with the taste.

So, my question is .. I have tried just about all the StarBucks Ethiopian flavors. What makes this coffee smell and taste so differenet?


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Oct 18, 2006
Old England (UK)
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$2.00 per kilo more at wholesale I should imagine, also the roasting of the ethiopians has to be done right to get the best flavours and I would imagine the standard charrbucks roast we get in the UK wouldn't do the coffee any favours.
I would not hesitate to say supply and demand plays a factor. Starbucks by default buy as big as they can so they can supply their global stores. This cuts out a lot of the smaller growers who are either outside of a coopertaive loop, or chose to sell for a premium in some cases to smaller roasters. Some of these small producers grow fantastic coffee, but it can never be destined for the really big roasters. Same goes for nearly all peoducing origins in some form or other