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Aug 15, 2005
Milford, NE
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I had an electrician install a Brasilia Portofino Del-2 in my shop last year. The machine works flawlessly. I have just discovered that he changed the plug and hooked it up to a 110v outlet. Will this damage the machine? I have since spoken to the electrician and he says that he has hooked up european espresso machines to 110 for years and there has never been a problem.
It's o.k as long as the rechage rate on the espresso boiler is o.k. It's just recharging about 2x as long. But if demang is't huge, you are probably o.k..But I would be pissed if I was under the understanding that my machine is underperforming. AND WHO TOLD the electrition he could ignore the manuals instructions?
110V, 220V Machine

Wow, I can't believe that it's actually working on 110V. All of the solenoids, the heating element, and pump are designed to run on 220V in that unit. And I've had problems getting the solenoid valves to open when the voltage is at 208V! Consider yourself lucky, and don't ever move the machine to another location. Are you sure it's not a "Club" model? How many steam wands does it have?

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Thanks for the informative replies. We havent had any problems with the machine. To DavesLT - this machine has one wand.
I just spoke with another shop owner and his machine is also hooked up to 110v. He said that he just changed the plug to fit. He has two shops and has used these machines for several years.