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Hi All,

Anyone have any experience with QuickFit ducting?

I am installing a small shop roaster and am looking for a good ducting system without breaking the bank.

Any opinions are welcome.

I roast with an IR3 also!

I just went to Menards and bought double walled wood stove exhaust duct and it works GREAT! Still not cheap but a couple hundred dollars wasn't too bad. I can't remember exactly how much it cost though, I installed it over 4 years ago.
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Thanks very much. Hopefully I WILL be roasting on this IR3, sooner rather than later.

I will investigate your suggestion. Saving some cash while not increasing the fire risk is proving tricky!

Thanks again.

PS How do you like using the IR3?
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I'll end up in the Worcester area most likely.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

El Pug, Where in Hartford are you? One of my music projects played the Charter Oak Cultural Center a few months ago. What a great building.

Of course....MORE suggestions are welcome!

Some have said to not use wood stove ducting or is that only the flimsy single wall variety?
I'm in downtown Hartford, 22 Pratt Street.
As far as your exhaust pipe is concern, at the very least, you need to meet your local fire code. But above that, you also need to make sure if you have a roaster fire and the fire works it's way up your pipe, the fire is not going to melt your pipe and burn the building down. You should over engineered your system for the worst case scenario. If you are not sure, you can give Diedrich a call and see what they suggest. Naomi at Diedrich's tech support is very helpful.

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