Export Green Beans: 2014 Harvest from Yunnan, China


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Oct 26, 2013
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We are a local company based out of Kunming, Yunnan preparing our export orders for our lots of the 2014 harvest season. Our full company name is Kunming Lanna Trade Company, Limited. We are looking for international buyers to expand our export business and the market for Yunnan coffee.

Coffee Details
Varietal: Arabica Catimor
Processing: Fully washed, sun dried (elevated bamboo)
Origin: Baoshan, Yunnan, China
Moisture: 12%
Screen Size: 14-16
Defect Rate: 6%
Harvest Year: 2014

We have been roasting coffee for the wholesale and online market in China but have also been receiving more interest in exporting Yunnan coffee. The flexibility of it's delicate flavor profile, which can be enjoyed with a lighter roast for subtle fruitiness, also handles dark roasts well resulting in a creamy, rich, and chocolatey cup making our coffee a natural choice for many coffee importers and distributors.

By cooperating directly with farmers on sustainable agricultural practices, processing methods, and agricultural planning and by being roasters as well, we have an understanding of the needs of our customers.

If you have any questions or comments regarding further details of the coffee or purchasing process such as the price, moq, payment process, and etc, please contact us through the details below and a member of our team with reply as soon as possible.

Kunming Lanna Trade Company, Limited.
Tel: +86 871 65319323
Personal Message (PM) us on this forum for our e-mail (we have less than 5 posts)