Favorite coffee beans ??


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Sep 26, 2004
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Hello my name is Jeff and I was wondering if anyone and everyone would say what there favorite coffee beans would be 1 thru 5 starting with your fav of course or you can go even further than 5 and you can leave any kind of feed back on what you like about each of your fav and feedback on which beans you don't like
Thank you


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Dec 1, 2004
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I began a Peet's lover... just about anything but French Roast. Favorites are Kenya, Arabian Mocha Sanani and Mocha Java. (www.peets.com)

I've since fell in love with Intelligentsia - Sumatra, Mocha Java, Yemen - I've yet to find one I didn't like. Their Black Cat espresso blend is incredible - espresso or even brewed. (www.intelligentsiacoffee.com).

My single favorite is Mary Catherine's Blend from a little roaster in Louisville KY - Heine Brothers. (www.heinebroscoffee.com)

I'm looking for suggestions, too. Keep them coming!


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Nov 15, 2004
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Hi All, being a newbie to the business (of sorts....10+ years out of it) and new to this board. I can tell you I have sampled lots of beans in trying to find a house brew for our new shop.

We have settled on 2, and going to let our customers tell us which one ultimately, or maybe offer two- not 100% sure.

My Personal favorite(s):

Coal Creek (Laramie WY) Organic de Coal Creek.

*** This is some really, really great coffee folks *** I did not know what to expect with an organic....but WOW- I pulled some awesome shots. I tasted every shot, of every coffee sent to us....this one converted me to someone who could drink shots straight from the glass. (my wife also)

Morning Light- Signature Blend (Great Falls, MT)

***Mike has built a really good business, and has produced a very very good coffee, and we wanted a Montana roaster....everyone should give it a try at least once - very stable, and consistent, very good flavor and aroma....awesome Crema from. Imagine Apple Butter creamy without the apple taste.

Intelligentsia- Black Cat - this was our choice the second we tasted it as the coffee of the Month. Very unique, almost sweet, may cause me to make a tough choice down the road if customer react the way I think they will.

These 3 represent my Organic, My regular, and my coffee of the Month.


Next 3 for the rotation (organic and coffee of the month)

Snowy Mountain (MT)
Coffee Emergency: Code Brown (NE)

I have tried about 20 different types, and most were very good, a few were, "OK" and only a few what I could call bad (I threw them out)

I really believe this business is like wine. not always, but most of the time- you get what you pay for.

Hope that helps, feel free to contact me, I look forward to this thread, and trying some other hidden gems.

Every Day Gourmet!
"Life's too short for bad Coffee!" :D


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Dec 5, 2004
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Favorite Coffees

I am fan of Peets but my latest passion is Costa Rican and Kona coffees from Volcanica Coffee. Its very fresh coffee. I was also very pleased with their fast service. volcanicacoffee


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Nov 8, 2004
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Favorite beans

I have a Truly Awesome blend my Mocha Java Blend which is 50% Yemen Mocca Matari and 50% Java Estate. It is my best selling blend. For an extremely smooth blend try my House blend it is 50-50 Brasil Serra Negra and the best Columbian Supremo I can get. Ssssmooth and chocolaty. I don't want to sound like I am pushing my store but I truly LOVE my roasting and I am trying to get into the wholesale market. Anyone want to try some free? :grin: Just for businesses. :D


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Sep 19, 2004
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I am in love with CoffeeAM's Sumatra Black Satin! Espresso Verdi is awesome, too. Love the Regea (sp)........but Sumatra is to die for!