FDA food safety tracking for coffee roasting?


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Aug 2, 2013
Reno, NV
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A little background on us. We had a Kona coffee farm and our own roasting facility in a permitted, limited use commercial kitchen in Hawaii.

Last year we moved the roastery to a new location in Reno, Nevada. We jumped through all the hoops to set up our new location, including city, county, state, fire department and health department permits. I was required to take a Food Safety management class and I now have a five year certificate to hang on the wall.

The Health Department inspector told us when he signed it off that there would be surprise follow up inspections at any time.

So last week, I arrived to find an inspector there. We passed with 100%.

While he was there, he mentioned that we will be needing "soon" to able to track all product for the new food safety laws for the FDA.

I did some research and due to our size (revenue and number of employees, i.e. me), I have until August of 2018. Larger operations must have this in place by August of 2016.

What I am looking for is if anyone has a shareable sample of a HACCP plan for coffee roasting. I can't seem to find any online.

Also, what do others use for tracking from green bean through to the end customer?

P.S. We sell only mail order within the US.