Financing a coffee kiosk


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Sep 14, 2003
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Hello! I am new here on this forum. I live in Northern California, and its a great area to do coffee. We have several drive through coffee joints, which hit it big in this town. But there is a town with about 10,000 people about 12 miles away North. This town is on the way to the lakes and right off of I-5. It would be a wonderful spot and location to build a drive through Coffee place. I have done alot of research with this area and am finding that it will be soon that someone will be putting in something of this sort there in the location I think it will be perfect.

I need someone who has alot of exprience to contact me and maybe help me finance this wonderful drive through business opp. I could use all the advice I could get on this subject. I have done my reseach and find it wold be a great investment and worth the wild of someone to see it for themselves.

If anyone could offer any help or advice, I would love to hear it!!!




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Oct 9, 2003
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financing a drive thru


here's a checklist I found--

Your Checklist for Success
Use this checklist to mark your progress toward finding a winning location. Determine the type of site you want and can effectively handle (i.e., indoor, outdoor, seven days per week, five days per week, mostly mornings, all day, etc.).

•Pick no less than 5 possible locations

•Evaluate these five possibilities using the site evaluation worksheet

•Evaluate the areas surrounding these five possibilities

•Contact the Health Department representative who can get you the information you need to determine your commissary needs

•Contact the City Administration (if you hope to locate on city property) to determine the steps you will have to take for approval

•Make contact with the landlords of your two favorite choices

•Get an appointment to present your idea to the landlords

•Study the materials provided so you can answer questions

•Practice what you will say and how you will answer questions with a friend

•Prepare a proposal and material to leave with them

•Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!

•Pursue Health Department approval for your business. If they need more detailed specifications for equipment you can find out from your vendor or contact your vendor.

•Get the lease signed! (congratulations!)

•Order your cart and equipment

•Make sure all contracted work is being done on time, electrical wiring (contact your contractor if they have any questions), commissary modifications, etc.,

•Finalize with the Health Department; file the applications needed

•Contact the city for business application and other necessary materials; complete the required paperwork

•Apply for all licenses and permits; meet with your accountant to set up your bookkeeping

•Prepare site for cart delivery

•Choose vendors for needed supplies and establish accounts with them

•Shop for supplies and one-time purchases

•Make appointment for final Health Department inspection (when cart delivery date is confirmed)


If you are in need of equipment, etc. let me know. I'll see wht I can do for you.

Good Luck!


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Oct 21, 2003
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Are you still thinking of starting a coffee business? i have an espresso machine for sale. It is a S91 A2 Diplomat faema. The machine is in excellent shape and is NSF certified. There is also a counter that goes with it. The counter has a grinder, fridge sink, and tank. Everything mechanical to make espresso is included. Tha machine is in North eastern California, possibly close to you. If you would like more info please email. [email protected]