Finding lease location


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Jan 11, 2023
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Coffee stand owners,

I have been a barista for years and am finally in the position to get my own shop going. I just moved from Washington (where the industry is very saturated for drive thru coffee shops) to Nevada where these stands are almost unheard of outside of the big chains.

Anyways, I am in contact with our real estate agent to find us a location. We’re having to build because the type of structure we’re looking for isn’t available (small, shed like, strictly drive thru) which is no problem but we can’t seem to find a location listed commercially that’s interested in leasing for such a small building.

My question is, did you go through a real estate agent to find space to lease, buy, or simply contact a commercial land owner with a little extra space and pitch your plan directly to them? I’m tempted to just start contacting gas stations, etc with enough room and pitching the idea that my business can bring them extra traffic. But I don’t know, I feel they won’t take it serious/won’t be interested without my agent.

Any insight is appreciated! Thanks for reading.