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Apr 9, 2021
I started doing fitness.At first, I took light weights in order not to get too tired and drank coffee after training.Then I started working out with dumbbells and bench press and after training I drank coffee and my heart started hurting sharply.What should I do


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Apr 29, 2021
Would you mind reading this article to find out how important it is to drink water during a workout? The essential beverage should be water during and after the workout. You can drink no more than a cup of americano after one hour when you finished the training. But, my trainer generally doesn't allow me to drink coffee. I gave up drinking coffee, almost three months. I noticed that I had terrible headaches, and I didn't know what caused them. The trainer suggested I get rid of the coffee for a while. It worked! No more headaches. I feel fantastic.
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Apr 20, 2016
Caffeine raises your blood pressure, increases your heart rate and increases your urination resulting from dehydration if you don't compensate, this is for caffeine naive people.
For people who already consume caffeine, me for example, during the when they usually consume it, the body adjusts itself so it lowers the blood pressure, lowers thr heart rate. Does it affect your workout remplate? As far as I know, no it it doesn't. Is it bad for your health to consume it after work out? Other than the side effects of caffeine itself, no it doesn't.
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