Flavored Beans???


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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From what I've read on different forums most espresso purists believe in using only non-flavored beans for espresso. What's wrong with using flavored beans for this purpose? Espresso is a form of extraction, not by the beans used. I've been using flavored dark roasted beans with great success. Any opinions? Thanks.


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Once you grinded flavored beans, its very hard to get rid of the flavor from the grinder. Don't know if same is true with espresso machine as well, but suspect it is. As far as the idea of flavored espresso, there are so many great espresso blend out there with so many incredible flavors, I don't have a need to try an articificially created flavor espresso, beside, don't know if I want a snickerdoodle flavored espresso.


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Jun 15, 2006
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Hi Everyone,
I would tend to agree about the problems of getting the flavored bean grinds out of your grinder. As far as Espresso machines are concerned, good cleaning practices should make using flavored or unflavored beans an acceptable practices. Afterall, we are talking about cleaning a well sealed machine of a liquid substance, while the troublesome issues of fine powder finding is way into places a brush won't see is a different story.