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Feb 11, 2004
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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to invent my own flavor of flavored coffee. However, I haven't got a clue as to where to begin. PLEASE HELP! I'm trying to create unique flavors from scratch, bot using existing flavor oils. Does anyone know how to do this? Or know of somewhere that can provide me with some understanding of how the flavorings are created?

Thanks everyone!

What do you have experience with flavoring?

Have you tryed the flavor shots from toranis or even monin if ever so inclined.
Have you experimented with adding spices to the grounds? Doign this gives a much closer to actual coffee taste.
Another method is to actually roast and pick your own coffee beans hehe, I don't think you are realy looking into this.

Are you just trying to add different flavor shots to make a good blend? if you are in the states I would start experimenting with 7-11's free toranis coffee shot system hehe, or get a job at a cafe.
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I actually have no experience with flavoring. I am trying to create a whiskey flavored coffee or something Liquer flavored for a friend's wedding coming up. Just to have something a little off the wall. But they don't sell these types of flavors for coffee beans, so I wanted to know how I can create my own flavor additives, that I can add to the roasted beans.

Thanks again for the help.
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Just wanted to come up with my own flavor. Just to have that customized touch. But I want them to be able to enjoy the coffee anytime without having to add any alcohol or syrups. Just grind, brew, and enjoy :D
I do not know if you own a coffee shop or not...but if you do...contact Danisco flavorings...they can make any flavor you want for coffee beans....if you want the number pm me(sorry I am on vacation and do not have it with me.)