Fontana? White Chocolate

Fontana is like Torani syrup, not really sure what it is good for but sure as hell don't want to drink it.

In my opinion Fontana is down right horrible and ranks right up their with Torani. There are several lines out there I would suggest looking in to Routin 1883, Monin, DaVinci, and Big Train for starters.
There are some powders out there..... I've never been a big fan of powder products but I had a eye opening experience with Big Train Chi tea. I have never liked Chi products and that goes for almost all of them. I have even had home brews and I just can't stand the taste. But all be darned if one of my clients, ( Sips Espresso Bar in Abilene, KS ) who also frequents this forum made me try it. I'll tell you what that creamy, smooth taste had made me happy for once that I was actually drinking a Chi that didn't make me want a gag.
Don't know if Fontana is the best, but it is the same as what Starbucks uses, so if thats what your looking for, then you can buy it from Fontana for about $26 for a 63 oz with a pump.