Foot Traffic, Vehicle Traffic and Sales


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Jan 22, 2012
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I'm doing research in preparation for opening a new coffee shop in Vancouver, BC and was STOKED to find this amazing website. It looks like there are a lot of knowledgable (and nice) folks here who know a lot about coffee and about the business.

One of the more difficult things to predict is how many customers we can expect through our doors per day. I've sat in some coffee shops in the same area and done counts, I've done pedestrian counts for our street AND I found an amazing resource that gave vehicle traffic counts for our area.

What I'm wondering specifically is if there are formulae or rules of thumb that can be used to extrapolate what kind of traffic we can expect through our doors based on local foot and vehicle traffic.

I've seen one rule of thumb that says to expect .2% to 1% of vehicle traffic to become customers and that the percentage for foot traffic is higher but no specific percentage was given for foot traffic. The source didn't mention whether this applied to busy downtown streets, quiet neighbourhood streets, highways or what.

Anyway, any insight on this matter would be most helpful..
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Ok I'm confused now. In the listing of Forums it says this one is NOT for promotion or selling but in the stick it says it IS for promotion and selling. Did I miss something?