🏁 Sold FOR SALE: 1932 Royal #5 Coffee Roaster


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Oct 23, 2022
Maple Ridge BC
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FOR SALE : 1932 Royal # 5 Coffee Roaster looking for a new home. Completely restored, working on gas. I have the original schematics for this machine and also some records of when it was used at National Blend Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta by my Grand Father back in the 50's. Last roast was in March, 2023
Located at 108 Mile House in the interior of British Columbia.
Asking $6,000.00 Canadian as is.
Contact # 604-313-2275 Elaine
Email: [email protected]


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Man...I love those roasters. I had one from 1896. You have a cooling bin for it?
Hi, Added a photo of cooling bin. I will have more information on this roaster later in Jan. "23. I believe I have the original schematics or at least a copy and other documents. Will be posting a video of it working soon.
We have rebuilt and modernized 2 Royal coffee/ peanut/ cocoa roasters a #4 and #5 modern gas parts, control parts, as well as temperature probes