For sale Dietrich IR 12 12 Kg Coffee Roaster


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Nov 28, 2017
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For sale is a VERY lightly used Diedrich IR 12 Coffee Roaster with infrared burners and set up for propane. It has been used at about 10% the monthly volume that it is built for, and kept in excellent condition. It was purchased new in 1995 in Costa Mesa and transported from California to Iceland by Sufistinn coffeehouse. It was operated in the coffeehouse for number of years but has always been to large for our premisis. We are looking for a smaller 5 kilo roaster This roaster has NEVER had a stack, cooling tray, drum or chaff collection fire. The drum remains perfectly balanced. Only high grade specialty coffee has been roasted is this roaster, and never over-roasted. This machine has been meticulously cared for and is in a very good condition. A new spare infrared burner is included.
Eight handmade coffee display bins “antique, copper and brass” will be free of charge with roaster. Dimensions 82 cm high ,29 cm wide and 26 cm dept.
We will make a wooden crate for the shipping and we can ship everywhere in Europe,Canada and USA. For more information, you can send a message to birgir at
Looking for best offer.
Happy to answer any and all questions.