💵 For Sale FOR SALE: Javamaster Coffee Roaster model 2002


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Dec 9, 2016
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I have a 6 year old Java master Coffee Roaster model 2002 for sale! this coffee roaster was at Whole Foods Market in Roseville California! all across the United States Whole Foods Market used to roast there own coffee beans, they no longer roast coffee beans in there stores now! this coffee roaster sells for $30,000.00 brand new, refurbished coffee roasters usually run around $20,000.00! I have refurbished this javamaster coffee roaster model 2002 coffee roaster! You can roast5lbs in 10 minute or 25lbs per hour! in addition I have lots of new parts and also I have quality used parts that are still good! this coffee roaster is located in Roseville California 15 minutes from the capital of California Sacramento my asking price is $8,500.00! I have lots of pictures of this unit and spare parts pictures!


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