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Jun 5, 2014
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I bought a larger Giesen w15 and now my Mill City 6kilo is for sale. I've used it steadily between 2-4 days a week since October 2019. Previously I owned a 1 kilo north machine before they did all the rebranding stuff to mill city so i'm very familiar with all that is Mill City and their machines over the years. There's a lot of nuance and as with each roaster both positives and negatives. The 6kilo has the vent kit mill city has been selling but the 1 does not. We've cleaned the heck out of the 6kilo and it was in use and on maintenance schedule until the day we uninstalled it a week ago. There was a minor fire in the chaff collector and it smoked up so I repainted the collector with not cheap paint. Machine was unharmed. The 1 kilo I used quite heavily for 4 years and did a massive deep clean of after the install. It's sat unused in a corner since the 6kilo was put in. There's some wear part issues like one of the probs broke off but it too was used until it was uninstalled. Attached are some pictures.

Not shipping this so you'll have to pick it up and haul it away or if you want to arrange pickup that's a thing too. We've got pallets we can put it on if you have a company. I'll post an update if it sells. Located in Cherry Hill NJ.

6kilo 15k
1kilo. 6k


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Feb 27, 2023
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There's been quite a bit of interest but if you're still selling lmk and if the online check comes back okay, I can zelle, cash app or which every platform you prefer.
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