FOR SALE: non-runner La Marzocco GS 1 Group!! *pic inside*


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Mar 21, 2006
Indonesia - Jakarta
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i have non-runner La Marzocco GS 1 Group
the brew boiler is in a really bad way - cracked in 2 places from what looks like ice formation. the main obvious damage is the fact that the brass heating element fitting that is brazed onto the end of the brew boiler has come out, this has happened because the boiler was full of water when it arrived and it had frozen at some point.

other area of damage was the other end of the brew boiler. Likewise the drain fitting had also been forced out from the inside.

specifications :

Height (x) 46cm
Width (z) 88cm
Depth (y) 66cm

Boiler Capacities
Brew Boiler 3.4L
Steam Boiler 8L
Total Capacity 11.4L

Brew Boiler Wattage 1400W
Steam Boiler Wattage 3000W
Total Wattage 4400W
Rated Amperage 22A

Picture :






I am located at Indonesia, if you interested you can come to Indonesia and pick it up, or i can ship it with FEDEX or DHL, gimme an offer, mail me [email protected]


Chris Kay

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Feb 1, 2005
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Maybe we can get Alun to check out the machine for us?

What do you think coffee 4 life would that be ok???

Cos wed hate to send money to someone in Indonesia and never get the machine with the frozen boiler....
Why am I not surprised! This is the sort of idiot that makes my business life so much more difficult opperating out of Indonesia. This country has a reputation for scammers that is unfortunate. There is a company dealing in a well known animal poo coffee that also fall into this catergory. The Bastards lifted quite a bit of tect from my site as well as logos, and full text from others sites. My advice- think twice, or even 10 times, before dealing with people such as this.

Regarding the guy selling- I actually did try and contact him- thus my suspicion the guy was a fake. Sad, but true.