FOR SALE: Pneu-Con SC2000PR3C-TE-BLVS-AL-120V Pneumatic Conveying System - LIKE NEW


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Aug 29, 2018
We're selling a pneumatic filler we purchased in Jun 2014. We only used it 3 times before shelving it.

Pneu-Con Model SC2000PR3C-TE-BLVS-AL-120V Whisper Loading System

One of the best coffee conveying systems on the market.

:star: The unit works great. It's basically new. :star:

We paid $8000 for the whole package. We're willing to sell it for $5500.

It is located at our warehouse in Costa Mesa, CA. Please call or email me if you'd like to come see it.

Jackie at 714-965-5587 or [email protected]

I've posted a few photos of the unit as well as the original invoice description.

Here is a link to the product page -

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