FOR SALE: Royal 5 and 4 Roasters and Jabez Burns unit


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Sep 8, 2017
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I posted awhile back about having some Royal 5 and 4 roasters available. They are still for sale i wasn't able to get access to this forum for a bit and the private message feature on here isn't really working that well so i could only reply to a few people who were interested from my last post. I am helping an older gentleman to sell these. Right now, we are strictly selling whole #4 and #5 royal roasters but we may be willing to sell parts once we have all the units built out that can be made with the parts we have. The last one we had sold went for $5,500 on a Royal #5. The 4's i know he wanted more for since they are harder to come by. I have no pictures of the Jabez burns unit but i have some of the Royal roasters so send me a message and we can work something out. We also have a Mr peanut roasters and few mr peanut end caps.

If you have interest and cannot reach me via the private message feature on here please feel free to send me an email at the below. I am located in South Jersey and am willing to ship these at your expense.

Email: [email protected]