For sale: Sonofresco 2100 Coffee Roaster


Jun 7, 2018
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Up for sale is a Sonofresco 2100 Coffee Roaster Two Pound Red. This is in Great condition as it has been perfectly maintained with no issues or defect with this machine it's perfectly working, sold coffee shop and kept to roast at home so has had very light use only it does double your productivity. This roaster gives you the flexibility of custom roasting fresh coffee two pounds at a time, this machine is fully functional with efficient operation.

Includes original manual.

Full batch capacity: 2.4 lbs green beans
Batches per hour: 3
Power requirements: 120 V/60Hz 3 amps
Size: appox. 15w x 29 x 22d
Weight: approx. 55 lbs (shipped weight not determined yet)
Input ratings (BTU/hr:) 48.000 btu/hr
Back to back roasts, no cool down time required, cool down included in cycle.

Asking Price: US3600$

Please feel free to contact me via PM/email if you would like to make a offer for it
equipments at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking.


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