For Sale: W6A Giesen roaster


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Jan 22, 2023
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**Brand New** - this roaster was ordered as a backup system but never installed. Available for immediate shipment in manufacturer's crate.

The W6 roaster brings professionality and user-friendly roasting together. It’s the perfect combination of functionality, capacity, and appearance.

Up to 6 kg per batch | 24 kg per hour
134 x 72 x 174 CM | 450 KG
Roast on propane gas
Single phase - 230V/50Hz

The W6A is designed with two different fans. This way you can roast and cool simultaneously to increase the production capacity up to 24 kg per hour.

Fully-optioned with the airflow control, drumspeed control, roaster control and OW20 De-stoner. Also with Giesen Roast Profiler software, it is possible to record and replay a roast with the related settings, enabling you to maintain the same quality levels for multiple batches.

** Includes OW20 Destoner and Giesen Roast Profiler software**

Colour: Ruby Red with Gold feature panels / trim

Located in Sydney, Australia - shipping costs to be calculated based on delivery destination