For Women only?

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I really enjoy coffee, no matter what time of day I drink it. I don't know if it's truly relaxing me, though. I usually look forward and enjoy the energy it seems to give me. "Eustress"? :-D
Er, I'd like to say that I'm a man, well I was last time I checked :grin: . I don't consider this to be segregation. The link that has been posted here shows the differences between men and women and the effect that caffeine plays on them in the workplace. The "for women only" title is taken from the article.
wtf is with this guy here

Totally off topic (well maybe not) I want you to see this guy's webpage he made. I dont know how to get him off the web, but your feedback and hate mail to him would be appreciated. I am highly offended by his web material and found it rudely interupting in my (yes I will admit it) feminist anti chri campaign (because I am not afraid to admit it). Look at it one time but dont get sucked in please:

so I am thinking whatever about this Anyone know any angelfire hacks or something to destroy Jebus77's webpage?
That´s happend to women, and I don´t think is only men problem. The circumstance in the work with a little bit of caffeine is totally understandable. Stress+caffeine= trouble
But how can I stop coffee drink? I love coffee!
Yeh, well the report is from tea drinkers......

And well; cofeee rules the sexes...
Viva Café!
I drink coffee and I love it! :) I know to much coffee could be bad for me, but depend of the person, some people tolerate maybe 2 cups or 7 cups. You have to know your tolerance. But I can´t believe than men have more problems whit coffee :shock: