Franchised Coffee!

Which cafe gives the best coffee experience?

  • Esquires

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  • Gloria Jeans

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  • Starbucks

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  • Mc Cafe

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  • Theyre all about the same

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  • I'd rather drink tap water

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Sep 14, 2004
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I've been noticing franchise coffee chains sprouting up all around auckland (NZ), and am curious which if any are any good.

Being so inquisitive yet poor, i'd like to know your evaluations.

Thanks :eek:
Interesting how the chains are moving into NZ huh!? I know in Australia the quality traditional cafe culture in cities like Melbourne has made life pretty tough for the Starbucks, Gloria Jeans etc. I would expect in NZ the same would probably be true. I mean if you are serious about coffee... why drink in an Esquires when you can get freshly roasted coffee, a barista who can make at least 25 different types of drink and knows and cares about what they are doing from a places like Atlas, Atomic, Altura or Chiasso?

The franchises have a place of course and target a diferent sector of the market to the specialty roasters and cafes. We also quite like having them around as their marketing budgets at the end of the day help bring new customers to all involved in the business. :grin: