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Jan 30, 2017
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I was happy to see drjoeshmoe and shadow645 discussing the X1. I have had mine since 2002. It has gone out for repair once, a major descaling. I recently changed the thermometer on the front, and all was working fine until about a month ago, after pulling an espresso, it started to smoke, so not knowing what happened, I unplugged it and took it outside. Looking inside, I saw one of the heating element terminals was blackened, as well as one side of the switch that starts the water passing through to make coffee.

I took the whole thing apart, but those nuts holding the boiler together are difficult to undo. Two of them were rusted as well. So I looked for a used machine.

I found one that was made in 2004. My earlier X1 had a brass boiler as well as this one. It works fine, except for one thing...the on-off switch doesn't work well, although I think the problem lies somewhere else, as I replaced the on-off switch with one of the switches from my old X1, and it still has the same the off position, the red lights are still on, but there isn't enough power flowing through to run the boiler. For the time being, I plugged the machine into an outlet with a switch, and turn it on and off from there. So if there was some way of figuring out what is wrong, that would be great, as it seems it might lead to future malfunction. I have a multimeter, but haven't used it for testing conductance, and am not sure if that would locate the problem. If someone knows about these things and is willing to help, that would be fantastic.

Best, John

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Aug 15, 2005
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Even though I haven't encountered such an issue with either of the FF machines I have, it sounds as if it could be a control board issue. If you like the machine and intend to keep it, you should be able to find a good used board from a parts machine, eBay seller, etc.