Fraudulent Transactions?


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Nov 8, 2004
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I just spent 2 hours with one of my local County Sheriffs Deputies filling out a fraudulent order claim. Here is the short version of the transactions.

Customer orders a Pasquini Livia to be shipped to a different location than billing. I do a lot of this on our site, personal card deliver to business etc etc. 2 weeks later a Pasquini grinder is ordered to go to same location, different billing address, same company email .com. We ordered and shipped it. a week after grinder order, Discover starts a claim and chargeback against us. They figure in card holder favor and take the money. Now I have to ask for arrbitration with Discover. Meanwhile I start a criminal complaint because I have IP address and shipping address with a signature accepting packages the SAME guy signed for both!

My UPS rep is having the local UPS hub investigate and the cop said he will ask the local police to investigate the address too. In my eye if they find any equipment matching mine especially if serial numbers match, ( I only have the grinders, Empire Fullfillment says they don't keep serial number records) I won't give them anymore business.

Anyone else have any similar dealings? Outcome?

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