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Jan 15, 2005
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Me and 2 freinds are looking for ways to start our own coffee shop. We are all aware the worst business decision to make is starting with partners and freinds but we have to try.

We live in CT usa and not one of us has ever worked in a coffee shop nor have real experiance with either the actual machinery or supplies in gourmet coffee production. We have been using our most valid source, the web, to search for things we should use and reading the forum for our questions answered through others.

My main question is does anyone know of any good products or even classes involving starting a coffee house. We have other ideas riding behind this main one to help but the coffee end of it is the most definitive when we go apply for a loan. And when applying it would be good to show some initiatvie and experiance ewas taken into consideration previously.

Once again is anyone aware of a USA based class for this type of business decision?



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Nov 3, 2004
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Yes Nick, as a matter of fact there is a great opportunity for you. Go to the Coffee Fest ( website and look at the Coffee Fest Specialty Coffee Business Seminar. It was created exactly for perons such as yourself. The show is in Chicago next month and then again in Las Vegas in June.

Have a blast,