FUZION new Coffee House Dallas area


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Feb 18, 2004
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Hey all THere is a New Coffee House In the Dallas TX area particularly Richardson. Name FUZION. It has Coffee products smoothies and Bubble Tea. They have tried to bring live environment to the Suburb area. There is a stage for Live Entertainment with is used every friday for Poetry Slam and Saturday for Live Bands in the evening. THey have a large screen TV.

Fuzion lets you mix and match ur drinks. You could get hazelnut latte, peppermint latte white cherry mocha, bananna mocha etc. and they don't even charge extra for syrups. THe price is much better Than Starbucks.

Small which is 12 oz is like $2.45 medium 16 oz is aprox $2.95 and
large 20 oz is $3.25.

Comfortable Leather Couches. Local Environment in the suburb of Richardson. Located near University of Texas at Dallas

Free Wireless Internet and 2 computer that you can use for Free Cool thing they are open from 7am till 2am in the morning. Heck Ya.

Check it out the website is www.fuzionlounge.com. We welcome Feedback from everyone as the Owners are Young Entrepreneurs who are open to helpful feedback helping them to suceed
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581 W. Campbell Rd. #129
Richardson, TX 75080