Gaggia Dose Problem (Gaskets)


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Oct 25, 2011

I have a 6 month old Gaggia Dose but unfortunately the two plastic gaskets in the group-have worked their way lose. It seems the glue as deteriorated.

I took it back to the retailer where i purchased it from but the engineer was surprised over the product, didn't realize they actually had a brand of that name and then quoted 3 months to repair it! My confidence had expired at that point so i left the place with Gaggia in hand. But this is Thailand!

Unfortunately Gaggia themselves as yet haven't bothered to respond to my question!

All i need to know if anyone can help, is what type of glue is used to seal the gaskets so that i can repair the unit myself?

Many Thanks


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Jun 1, 2021
This is your mistake, because you need to buy products from official representatives and not in retail stores. You will not receive any help from such shops then. Surprisingly, that he even offered you a free repair. However you should fix it. All i can recommend you is to read hot glue and super glue comparsion. Both of them are good, but have their own advantages and drawbacks. Read it , i think it will be usefull to solve your problem
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