Gaggia Titanium: keep, junk, or make available for parts

Lee Harris

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Jan 23, 2022
Taos, NM
I have a 4 years old to me Gaggia Titanium (bought refurbished, after previous Titanium got to stay with the ex- ...). A few months ago I started noticing tiny black specs in the bottom of the glass into which I directed the steam wand until it was in "full steam" mode for frothing the milk (pic attached). Whole Latte looked at the pic and recommended not using the machine, because they had no idea what the particles were.

So I've bought a new machine (cheaper, but hopefully it will work out) and need to figure out what to do with the Titanium. It's in great condition and works great (except for the tiny black specs).

Any comments, suggestions, etc would be appreciated. Especially if anybody has any idea what the specs might be...



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