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Feb 24, 2006
Las Vegas
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Hi. I am thinking of opening a coffee lounge. I have no experience in coffee, but I have many years of restaurant eperience. I was thinking of working temporarily in a coffee shop to get some coffee experience. Would it be better if I worked at Starbucks or a small independant shop, similar to what I plan on opening? Does Starbucks have a good training program? Any help would be appreciated.

I worked for nothing to gain experience. Some may say I was a fool but I learnt more as it showed I wasn't only in it for the money and I think that was appreciated. If you work for Starbucks or someone similar you learn their systems of marketing and procedures, but if you work for a place that does it all, it gives you better all over idea of the coffee side - 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other

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Thanks Topher. I have read about them, but I have not gone down there yet. My plan is to get some experience in a shop first to get a feel of the day to day work that's involved to be 100% sure that that is what I want to do. Then I will go to the professionals for training. Thanks.

i have worked both in restaurants as a chef/baker and in coffee shops as a barista/manager and it is not the same. prior to opening a coffee biz you need a lot of experience, training, you need to do research as well. i have worked in both a mom pop shop coffee business and a big franchise; i would suggest you work at BOTH of those types of businesses. you might want to get a few books on starting a coffee business because that will really help you get an idea on what you really need to do before opening a coffee business.

good luck!
:) I just purchased an existing drive thru coffee shop in Montana and I'm training under the previous owner, who has a very faithful clientele base that I want to keep.