girnder in estro profi


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Mar 21, 2004
I have an estro profi with the built in grinder. (or do they all have that).the grinder is spewing the ground coffee all around. I bought it some years ago at starbucks, which of course no longer services it.
has anyone of you some advice??
thanks for thinking about it


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Jan 17, 2004
Redmond, WA
One of my friends has one of these machines and I've used it but didn't use the built in grinder.

To answer your first question, no, not all espresso machines have built in grinders.

What do you mean by spewing grounds all around? Do you mean that most of the grounds get thrown out in front of you instead of going into the portafilter? (by the way, you need to hold the portafilter under the grinder when you run it).



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Mar 25, 2004
I have had an Estro profi for years and the grinder is the one part that has been an issue. There are a few things to know about the grinder based on my observations of dismantling and putting all back together.

If the grinder isn't stopping after it's set grinding amount, it's due to the paddle mechanism that senses when the hopper is full. When it's full it pushes a paddle and disengages a switch to halt the grinder.

Yours may be stuck. You'll have to take the plastic cover off of the grinder and mess with it a bit to clear it out. It's a metal paddle with a black switch and 2 gray wires coming from it.

The grinder in normal operation grinds till it fills the hopper and trips the switch. You then dispense the grounds by pushing the portafilter against a "button" at the back of the dispensing tray. This drop open the bottom of the hopper and the switch is released to start the grinder again.

hope that helps.