good coffee shops or roasters in Paris


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Dec 27, 2004
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My daughter is off to Paris for two weeks, and I'm sending some of our coffee with her to give as gifts. Does anyone know of a great coffee shop there? How about a micro-roaster? (she may need to get her coffee ground).

Ellen, you should tell your daughter the best two cafes in Paris (in my humble opinion as an opinionated and fussy kiwi coffee drinker) are > Cafe Verlet on Rue Saint Honore and cafe Alto. Verlet is so much better than all the rest that it would be my pick to recommend. There is still a lot of coffee coming from ex-colonies (ie Vietnam and Africa) which is low grade Robusta. Verlet uses 100% Arabica and it is well roasted too. Good luck...


We loved our trip to Paris and talk about romantic! (not that you should worry about your daughter in every street café!)

No paper cups at Starbucks - they serve you with a French press at your little table. Maybe you can get a paper cup but you would look like a low class tourist.

Rue St Honore and streets like that, particularly small shops in the morning will have fresh coffee and croissants. Oh my God talk about heaven. And all day anywhere sit at a streetside cafe for a coffee, café au lait, cafe Americano or espresso.

Such memories!


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Jan 31, 2010
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Le Cafe Marche at Rue Cler near the Effiel Tower. Rue Cler is an open air market and is open and lively on Sundays. Cafe Marche is by far one of the least expensive cafes in Paris central and makes mean coffee. Go for a cafe au lait if you're going early for breakfast or brunch. Their expresso is fantastic, too!