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Aug 18, 2004
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my friend is starting a new coffee shop in my town and i am helping her out. she is looking for an espresso machine that is good and cheap. not opposed to buying used. the one i used before was a little rancillo and i didnt like it a whole lot. we are looking for at least a 2 shot machine. and i would like one that you can run a water line straight into it. so any and all help would be appreciated


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Sep 3, 2005
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Well, I would never consider buying a used machine. I just bought a brand new "Wega" and on "day two", it is not working. It is not heating up and there hardly any water drawing in.
Another kind you could get rather than pour over is the kind that you place the hose directly into big fresh water jugs, which my machine apparently will do if or when it is ever fixed.
I have a feeling that my machine had been used because when I opened it, some water leaked out of the water valve, so only buy new with a warranty and even with that, good luck.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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Don't expect to pay less then $1000 and get a good quality machine in great working order. I've worked on one to many to know cheap on ebay really means, used and hardly works!


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Nov 6, 2005
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Good and Cheap

After twenty years of selling and fixing espresso machines, I have to say that good and cheap are mutually exclusive. But before you buy, consider these factors: Who else in the area is using this brand; Availability of parts and/or service; Is it a true commercial or a beefed-up domestic machine, i.e., how big is the boiler? the pump? can it steam back to back pitchers of milk? Try visiting the SCAA website for more guidelines. You can link to them through my site.