Goodbye Alex Fisenko


Nov 3, 2004
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I'm sad to report that Alex Fisenko has passed; he was quite a character in the business and will be missed.

Cuppy's Coffee Will Miss Alex Fisenko: 'Godfather Of Specialty Coffee'

Fort Walton Beach, FL (January 23, 2007) Alex Fisenko, the specialty coffee industry's top espresso consultant, passed away January 21, 2007.

Alex was known in the coffee industry as the 'godfather of espresso'. His focus was to bring knowledge and attention to detail to aspiring coffee minded entrepreneurs. Alex will be remembered for his seminars and training programs including 'Espresso Business Success'. His expertise and passion for the specialty coffee business has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate companies realize their dreams of success.

Many coffee shops and companies like Cuppy's Coffee adapted the Fisenko training method in their stores and continue to model the style, principles and procedures taught by Alex.

"Alex Fisenko was a pioneer in the industry, a mentor and a friend. Much of the success of Cuppy's Coffee was made possible by using Alex's training methods and his understanding of consumer wants and needs," said Janice Baker, director of training.

Alex Fisenko started serving up great espresso back in 1969 in Berkley, Ca. Owning several shops of his own and consulting for numerous individuals and companies, Fisenko helped pioneer a little known concept here in the United States, the specialty coffee industry. Today there are thousands of coffee shops that serve espresso based coffee drinks in America and Canada that have benefited from Alex's teachings.

"This is a great loss to the specialty coffee industry." Baker said. "All that knew Alex and learned from him will miss him."

Our heartfelt wishes go out to the Fisenko family and friends. All of us here at Cuppy's Coffee will miss you, Alex Fisenko...


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Aug 22, 2006
Columbus, OH
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I wish I could have met him in person. Having consulted the starbucks drink operation early on is an inspiration to us all. I have read his website from beginning to the end, and I have learned valuable information. May he rest in peace.