Great Dieting but then Coffee as well???


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Feb 23, 2004
Everett, WA
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I guess this question is? Will coffee deplete or ruin a healthy diet at all. Even if you drink it an hour befor or after eating something healthy? Isn't it just going to flush away alot of things? It is a diuretic so I am concerned.

I have been doing a very good diet lately, fruit/veggie smoothies, ginseng exract, Fish/Flax Oil Supplemtns/good Multi's etc, I feel good alot of energy and then later I will drink a 8 oz cup of Java what is this actually doing to me I have no idea?

Right now I am not interesting in quitting coffee becasue I kind of like it>> any imput is appreciated thanks all..


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Apr 28, 2005
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I think worrying will damage your health a lot quicker than caffeine will. There's no real reason to believe that any particular regimen of eating or supplements will prolong or, for that matter, increase the quality of your life.

Vitamins and minerals, unless prescribed to treat a specific condition, have no basis or validity in medical science. Diet, though explored endlessly in books and magazines, is a distant second to genetic predisposition in determining how long you'll live or how healthy of a life it will be.

Everything in moderation. You can eat donuts - just don't eat them all the time. You can drink alcohol, just don't get tanked every day. Enjoy your coffee - but no need to get cranked on caffeine on a daily basis :)

Your genetics will kill you a lot faster than your espresso machine will.




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May 7, 2005
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I agree totally with Mark. The key word is moderation. But I would still like to point out one thing i have heard. Combining caffein and ginseng can lead to over-stimulation, which in turn causes elevated blood pressure. With that said, I myself have enjoyed both for several years, and have not seen any increase in blood pressure. (Im a blood-donor and get my blood pressure checked every three months) Can't say the same about the over-stimulation though :wink: